Sales Condition


1.1. “Site” is the website dedicated to the sale of agri-food products of affiliated Street Fooders.

1.2. “Customer” is the person (natural or legal person) who makes the purchase on the Site, accepting the general conditions of sale.

1.4. “Order” is the request form for goods for sale, completed by the Customer via the Site.

1.5. “Products” are the goods offered for sale on the Site, based on the general conditions of sale.

1.7. “Final price” is the price for the sale of the goods, including shipping costs.

1.8. “Contract” is the distance contract which has as its object the sale of products, based on the general conditions of sale.

1.9. “Parties” are Agire - AGroIndustria Ricerca Ecosostenicità scarl.



2.1. The Products are offered for sale based on the terms and conditions set out in the Contract published on the Site at the time of the Order.

2.2. The Contract is considered concluded and binding for the Parties when Farmacia Comunale degli Ulivi sends the order confirmation to the Customer's email address, indicated by the Customer when registering on the Site.

2.4. Prices and products are subject to change without prior notice.

2.5. Agire - AGroIndustria Ricerca Ecosostenicità scarl sells products in the name and on behalf of affiliated Street Fooders.



Agri-food products

3.1. Agri-food products can only be collected from the Street Fooder from whom the product was purchased.

Non-agri-food products

3.2. All non-agri-food products are shipped to the shipping address indicated by the Customer in the Order via express courier.

3.3. Delivery times for non-agri-food products: 2/3 working days for Italy, from the date of receipt of the Order by Agire - AGroIndustria Ricerca Ecosostenicità scarl. The times are indicative and not strictly binding for Agire - AGroIndustria Ricerca Ecosostenicità scarl.

3.4. In the event of unavailability of one or more Products following the Order, Agire - AGroIndustria Ricerca Ecosostenicità scarl may proceed with the shipment of the other Products ordered by the Customer. Partial delivery is considered valid and does not entitle the Customer to refusal of delivery, compensation or compensation.

3.5. Upon delivery, ownership and risk relating to the transportation of the Products pass to the Customer.



4.1. To purchase the Products, the customer can register on the Site, thus releasing the data necessary to process the Order and ship/deliver the Products. This also applies to agri-food products. Registration is free and required only at the time of the first purchase. The Customer undertakes to communicate correct, truthful and complete data regarding: personal details, personal contact details, other information useful for processing the Order. It is possible to make the purchase even without registering on the site, in this case the user must only enter the data regarding the processing of the Order.  

4.2. The Customer will pay the Price of the Products purchased and will keep a copy of the purchase confirmation sent by to the email address indicated by the Customer when registering on the site.



5.1. The Prices are expressed in Euros (€) and include the Value Added Tax (VAT) in force for the respective product categories to which they belong.

5.2. The total price resulting at the end of the Order is inclusive of shipping costs, but not of any customs duties and/or additional sales taxes, necessary for importing the goods into foreign territory. Any additional charges for customs clearance operations will be borne exclusively by the recipient of the shipment.

5.3. Payment of the Price must be paid:

 - at the time of processing the order, for advance payment by credit card or Paypal



6.1. The Parties will not be responsible for delay in the performance of their obligations under the Contract if such delay is caused by circumstances beyond their reasonable control. The Party in delay due to force majeure will be entitled to an extension of the deadlines necessary to fulfill these obligations.



7.1. Trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs of various kinds present on the Site belong to their respective owners.

7.2. The use of trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs - including reproduction on other websites - by unauthorized third parties is prohibited.

7.3 The contents of the Site (texts, graphics, animation and images) are protected by copyright.



8.1. In accordance with the provisions of the art. 52 ff. Legislative Decree 206/2005, the right of withdrawal consists in the Customer's right to withdraw from the Contract, returning the Products purchased with consequent reimbursement of the Price.

8.2 The right of withdrawal is the right of natural persons acting for purposes not directly related to any professional activity carried out. Therefore, retailers and companies are excluded from this right.

8.3 To exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary to send written communication via email to the following email address within 14 calendar days.

8.4. To exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary to return the purchased Products, in good condition and with original labels not removed. The packaging of the products must be accurate, in order to protect the original packaging from damage, writing or labels.

8.5. The Products must be returned to the following address: Farmacia Comunale degli Ulivi Via Don Lorenzo Milani, snc - 64100 Teramo (TE). The refund of the purchase price including any shipping costs or any replacement of the Products will take place within 14 calendar days of receipt of the returned goods, after checking the state of conservation.

8.6. The refund does not include transport costs, both those incurred for the original shipment of the goods and those for the subsequent return.

8.7 No refunds are given for customized products.

 The customer can however:

 - request the replacement of the product

 - request a voucher of a value corresponding to the amount paid, to be used later.


Art. 9 - PRIVACY

9.1. The data communicated by the Customer necessary for the execution of the Contract are processed in accordance with the provisions of the EU General Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter "RGDP") regarding "Personal data protection".

For any other information, consult the “PRIVACY” section.



10.1. The Contract replaces all previous contracts, agreements and understandings between the Parties and constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties regarding the subject matter of the Contract, together with the Order, the general conditions relating to the use of the Site and the related conditions to the registration service.

10.2. Any variation or modification to the Contract must be accepted in writing by both Parties.



11.1. All communications between the Parties must be made in writing and sent to the other party's address indicated in the Contract and in the Order. Communications sent to the other party's email address, indicated on the Site and in the Order, are also deemed to have been sent in writing.

11.2. Communications relating to the validity or existence of this agreement must be exclusively delivered by hand or sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.


Art. 12 - LANGUAGE

12.1. The Sales Contract is drawn up in Italian.



13.1. The Contract will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Italian laws.

13.2. The Parties agree that the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods to this Agreement is expressly excluded.

13.3. For any dispute arising from the Contract or relating to it, the Court of Teramo will have jurisdiction.

For any other information, consult the “GENERAL INFORMATION” section.