Street Fooder Quality
The Road to Street Food Excellence: Decalogue, Protocol and Certification

In the dynamic and competitive world of street food, ensuring the highest quality of your products is essential to standing out and gaining customer trust. The quality of your street food cannot be left to chance: it passes through three essential pillars - a decalogue, a rigorous protocol and a recognized certification.

Taking this integrated approach will not only improve your reputation, but will also allow you to deliver an extraordinary experience to your customers. The quality of street food starts here, with a clear decalogue, a rigorous protocol and a recognized certification. Are you ready to take the step towards excellence?


The decalogue for operators and consumers in the street-food sector is a document that acts as a corollary to the handbook entitled: “Hygiene and health safety in the street-food sector”.

The Document, created by Polo Agire, is a short guide for operators in the sector on the subject of health and hygiene safety created as part of a broader initiative aimed at the world of street food called FOSTER, «FOod STreet Research & Development».


Street-food è un concetto ampio che racchiude sia la definizione di una specifica tipologia di alimenti sia il settore economico che ne è derivato. Street food, or street-food, is a term that refers to all foods already ready for consumption, foods sold in itinerant structures or kiosks and which are consumed on the street; place designated for both sale and consumption.

Street food is a phenomenon that has always been present in Italy and part of our food and wine culture and local traditions. Piadina, Focaccia Genovese, Cecina, Lampredotto, Arrosticini, Panelle are all examples of typical products traditionally consumed even outside of commercial premises.

Certification: The Sfoodly Quality Mark

Enter the world of excellence with our Sfoodly Certification! Our rigorous testing process ensures that only the best street fooders earn our certification. To access the certification, you must already be registered and authorized on Sfoodly.

By passing this process, you will be able to boast a QR code linked to Sfoodly, showing your consumers the quality and reliability of your product.

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence and earn customer trust with Sfoodly Certification!

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