Dear street fooder,
we know how important it is to offer your customers not only delicious dishes, but also a safe and reliable experience. It is for this reason that we want to tell you about a great opportunity that can really make a difference for your business: the new certification process for street food.

This project, designed specifically for the street food and drink distribution sector, is a unique opportunity to raise the quality and safety of the products you offer. Imagine being able to show your customers not only the freshness and authenticity of your ingredients, but also the strict compliance with hygiene and food safety standards.

The certification we propose is based on essential requirements established by national and European regulations, but it also goes beyond. It includes voluntary quality, environmental and safety certifications, such as DOC, DOP, PGI and STG, which are recognized at regional, national and European levels. This will not only help you stand out in the market, but will also offer greater transparency and trust from consumers.

The core of this certification is represented by a modern traceability system: a QR Code that will be visible on your point of sale. By scanning the code, your customers will be redirected to www.sfodly.com within your tab where they will be able to view the certifications of your street food and discover the entire food chain behind the dishes you serve, from field to fork.

This process will not only improve the perception of the quality of your work in the eyes of customers, but will also give you a significant competitive advantage. In a market that is increasingly attentive to the origin and quality of food products, being able to demonstrate with certainty the origin and safety of your ingredients is a key success factor.

We therefore invite you to register on the www.sfoodly.com portal, access the reserved area and start the certification request by providing the required documents.
Please seriously consider joining this certification process. It is an investment for your future, a promise of quality and safety that you can make to your customers, guaranteeing not only exceptional food, but also a conscious and safe consumption experience.
Register... we are waiting for you on sfoodly

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